Duke Children's Retro Prom 2022

Sponsored by Meg's Smile Foundation was a success! 

Held on Saturday, April 23, 2022, we had a drive through option from 10:00am-11:00am, handed out bags to all the inpatients, and then held our Virtual Prom Program at 6:00pm. Each participant received a “prom box” with lots of neon 1980’s themed items. The virtual prom program included music, interactive games, messages from Duke staff to participants, special guests, and a live raffle! To view a highlight reel, visit


If you would like to view the full prom video, you will need a free box account and can access it here


We hope that our Prom 2023 will be able to be in person. For questions about prom or other ATLAS Programming, please contact us at atlas@duke.edu or (919) 385-0842

The ATLAS program is responsible for coordination and planning of prom. ATLAS offers a range of Duke-affiliated services developed to foster resilience and independence in adolescents and young adults with special healthcare needs. Each program aims to help youth thrive as they transition from childhood to adulthood. In addition, ATLAS strives to provide support for parents around this transition. If you have any questions about ATLAS programming, please e-mail atlas@duke.edu or call 919-385-0842.

Learn about our Adolescents Transitioning to Leadership and Success (ATLAS) programs here

To learn more about Prom, check out this video and article.


The Duke Children’s Prom is generously funded by the Meg’s Smile Foundation, Duke STORES, the Duke Hospital Auxiliary, and private donations, and coordinated by the ATLAS Programs team.  ATLAS programming is also supported by the Pratt Family Foundation, the Duke Hospital Auxiliary, and private donations.

If you would like to support Prom and other ATLAS programs, please click the blue link below. If you have any difficulties with the donation website, please contact Morgan Pope at 919-385-3121 or by email (to: morgan.pope@duke.edu, subject: ATLAS Donation)

If you would prefer to send a donation by mail, please address check to Duke University and list ATLAS (Dr. Maslow) in the memo line. Please mail check to the following address:

             ATLAS Program c/o Morgan Pope
             Duke Health Development
             710 W. Main Street, Suite 200
             Durham, NC 27701