“Autism & Beyond” Takes Research and Mental Health Mobile

The new ResearchKit app “Autism & Beyond” utilizes Apple iOS technology to collect data and provide feedback about a variety of developmental disorders in children. Though this is not a diagnostic tool, its launches new methods for developmental screening, data collection, and individualized advice.

The “Autism & Beyond” application is part of a six-month study in which parents across the U.S. can participate. This ground breaking approach uses the device’s camera to record the child’s reaction to certain videos and stimuli. Parents choose what information they will share with the researchers through the app, but the information obtained could play a crucial role in early intervention for developmental disorders.


About the Autism & Beyond Study from Autism & Beyond on Vimeo.


As Helen Egger, vice chair of Duke Integrated Pediatric Mental Health, explains, “It is simply not possible to train enough people to meet the need for early childhood diagnosis. This may be the only way to get screening out to more people.” Click here to read the entire story, and click the button below to visit the application’s webpage.


Autism & Beyond Team from Autism & Beyond on Vimeo.


Click here to visit the Autism & Beyond webpage