Participate in a Study

You can contribute to our understanding of mental health issues in our local community by participating in a Duke research study.

Our clinicians include leaders in the field who conduct studies to better understand and treat developmental, behavioral and mental health concerns. In some cases, our patients may participate in these studies and benefit from the most leading-edge care possible. Evidence-based treatments ensure that our patients receive the latest, safest and most effective therapies available.

Current research opportunities in the Duke Department of Psychiatry include the Treatment for Teens with Alcohol Abuse and Depression (T-TAAD) study at the Duke Child and Family Study Center, as well as a wide variety of studies through the Duke Center for Autism and Brain Development.

To learn more about current studies in Duke's Department of Psychiatry click on the links above or contact us. You may also join the Duke system-wide research volunteer registry by clicking the button below.

Research Volunteer Registry

Common Questions

What does it mean to participate in research?

Participating in a research study can mean a lot of different things--our studies are varied. For most studies, it involves you and/or your children coming to one of our family-friendly research labs and completing various cognitive and behavioral assessments. Assessments can include activities such as watching short videos on an iPad, eye-tracking tests, EEG tests, and in some cases medical procedures like blood tests. Be assured that before you enroll for any study, research staff will inform you of all the study-specific protocol and requirements. All research at Duke is completely voluntary and you always have the right to withdraw at any point during a study.

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Will I get paid?

Most of our research studies do include compensation for your time and efforts. Compensation varies by study and is usually commensurate with the amount of time the study requires.

Does participating in research mean that I'll get a free diagnosis?

Yes! One of the best things that we are able to offer research participants is a full diagnostic assessment to take with you when you go. Many studies also offer other cognitive and behavioral assessment reports that you can take with you to your care providers.

If I/my children do not have a mental health diagnosis, do you still need us to participate?

Yes! Our studies involve a diverse range of participants, including people with and without a mental health diagnosis. Anyone who is interested in helping further our research efforts can partner with us.