Duke Integrated Pediatric Mental Health (IPMH) is a Duke and Durham community collaborative aimed at improving access to timely, appropriate, and high quality mental health care for children in Durham by:

  • Assessing current pediatric mental health care across physical health, mental health, and educational systems of care and identifying gaps in care by establishing and maintaining an effective and sustainable collaboration with community agencies, services, and systems of care.
  • Enhancing pediatric mental health knowledge through professional development of emergency care providers to ensure effective management of pediatric patients who present for psychiatric care in the Duke Emergency Department (ED).
  • Implementing strategies designed to address discontinuities of care and improve transition of care between systems for children in Durham. Specifically, Duke IPMH aims to establish and maintain an effective and sustainable collaboration with local schools, including the Durham Public Schools system.

Duke IPMH aims to create a unified continuum of care to improve children’s mental health at Duke, in Durham, and beyond. In collaboration with community partners, our central goal is to enable the Durham community to become a national model for effective and collaborative pediatric mental health care within integrated educational and health systems.