Child Mental Health


This CDC Report is the first-ever report to describe federal efforts on monitoring mental disorders, and presents estimates of the number of children aged 3-17 years with specific mental disorders, compiling information from different data sources covering the period of 2005-2011.
The mental health challenges our country's young people face call for shifting the focus of policy and practice from illness, to promotion of wellness and flourishing. This ChildTrends report summarizes current knowledge on children's mental health and offers a more-inclusive framework for understanding mental wellness


Child Mind Institute: Child Mind Institute focuses on clinical care for children and families, research on healthy brain development and effective treatments for childhood psychiatric and learning disorders, educational information and resources for parents, and advocacy to destigmatize childhood psychiatric disorders and to expand access to effective care.

Kids Mental Health: Kids Mental Health is an educational website for parents informing on childhood mental health disorders, diagnoses, and treatments.

CDC Children's Mental Health: The CDC provides a variety of resources, data, and key findings on child development, mental health, and mental health disorders. It also provides information for screening, research, and treatments for parents, teachers, and health care professionals.

SAMHSA Children's Mental Health: The SAMHSA’s Children's Mental Health campaign seeks to raise awareness about positive mental health and children’s healthy development. The website includes materials and strategies for advocacy activities, networking for potential organizational collaborations, public service announcements, and parenting guides for adopted children.

Children's Mental Health Network: The Children’s Mental Health Network provides weekly news and analysis of key issues and changes in legislation and policy that affect children, youth and families’ mental health and well-being, and implementation and practice of mental healthcare. Contributors to the network include parents, youth, community leaders, policy-makers, and state and federal officials.

KidsHealth Child Page: The KidsHealth Child Page is an interactive website for children that focuses on healthy physical and emotional development and explains different illnesses, injuries, and treatments in a child-friendly manner. Supplemental games, quizzes, Q&A section, and medical dictionary make the site easy to navigate and engaging. Content is also available in Spanish. 


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