Adolescents Transitioning to Leadership and Success (ATLAS)

ATLAS offers a range of Duke-affiliated services developed to foster resilience and independence in adolescents and young adults with special healthcare needs. Each program aims to help youth thrive as they transition from childhood to adulthood. In addition, ATLAS strives to provide support for parents around this transition. If you have any questions about ATLAS programming, please e-mail or call 919-385-0842.

Leadership Program

A mentoring program in which middle school students and high school students with chronic health conditions and college student mentors also with chronic conditions meet monthly to share their experiences growing up with chronic illness and pursue leadership development and life success.

Meetings now Online! 

Meetings are on Thursday nights from 6-7:30pm. Contact for more information or go to the following links to sign up.  Please note, you will need to speak to a member of our staff to make sure it is a good fit before you can come to an ATLAS meeting.

Under 18 participation agreement

Over 18 (mentor and parent)

Meeting Dates 
  • Sep 2 (teen)/ Sep 16 (parent)
  • Oct 7 (teen) / Oct 21 (parent) 
  • Nov 4 (teen) / Nov 18 (parent)
  • Dec 2 (teen) / Dec 16 (parent)
  • Jan 6 (teen) / Jan 20 (parent)
  • Feb 3 (teen) / Feb 17 (parent)
  • Mar 3 (teen) / Mar 17 (parent)
  • Apr 7 (teen) / Apr 21 (parent)
  • May 5 (teen) / May 19 (parent)
  • Jun 3 (teen)/Jun 17 (parent)


A 4 day summer leadership program (part camp and part conference) for adolescents and young adults ages with chronic health conditions. This year we will hold two virtual campferences, one for ages 12-17 from July 12-July 15, 2021.  The second will be for young adults age 18-26 from July 26-July 29, 2021. Both campferences will be held from 2-4pm, then have a break, and meet again from 5:30-7:30.  Campference fosters strong peer relationships and equips participants with skills and resources needed to thrive as they pursue educational and vocational goals. We will send out a box of supplies to use during the campference program. If you are interested in campference, you can sign up at the link below.

Registration for Younger Campference (age 12-17)

Registration for Older Campference (over 18)


A monthly health and wellness program for young adults ages 18-30 with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families. ATLASfit is meeting virtually now.  If you are interested in ATLASfit, you can complete the participation agreement below.  You must speak to an ATLASfit staff member to make sure it is a good fit before you can attend a meeting.

Participation Agreement (participant and parent same form)


ATLAS programming is generously funded by the Pratt Family Foundation, the Duke Hospital Auxiliary, and private donations.

If you would like to support ATLAS programming, including Prom, ATLAS Leadership, ATLASfit, Campference, and more, please click the blue button below. If you have any difficulties with donation website, please contact Morgan Pope at 919-385-3121 or by email.

If you would prefer to send a donation by mail, please address a check to Duke University and list ATLAS (Dr. Maslow) in the memo line. Please mail check to the following address:

             Duke Health Development
             Attn: ATLAS / Morgan Pope
             710 W. Main Street, Suite 200
             Durham, NC 27701



Call (919) 385-0842 or email for more information.

The PrattCARES program is also funded by the Pratt Family Foundation. Learn more here.