Duke Psychiatry Study for Depressed Teens Who Use Alcohol

A new therapy opportunity is available at the Duke University Child and Family Study Center for teenagers with depression and alcohol and/or marijuana use.

Treatment will be available through the Treatment for Teens with Alcohol Abuse and Depression (T-TAAD) study, being conducted by the Duke University Child and Family Study Center under Dr. John Curry.

T-TAAD is testing a new treatment that combines Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT) for depression and problem drinking in teens. The study is for teenagers who live in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Alamance, Durham, Wake, Orange, Granville, and Chatham Counties), ages 13 through 21, who are depressed and use alcohol and/or marijuana.

In this study, all participants will be assigned a therapist and will receive 12 weekly sessions of standard outpatient talk therapy for problem substance use.

After 4 weeks of this therapy, the teen’s depression will be re-evaluated. If he or she still shows signs of clinical depression,  the study team will randomly assign the teen to either add a new depression treatment with the same study therapist, or be referred for depression treatment in the community. If assigned to the community group, the study team will connect the teen and their family to a provider. Both depression therapy options will be  conducted in addition to ongoing talk therapy for problem substance use for the remaining 8 weeks.

Please contact the study coordinator for T-TAAD at (919) 668-0065 or email Dr. John Curry at john.curry@dm.duke.edu for more information or to see if you or your teen is eligible to participate in T-TAAD. The T-TAAD team will first talk to parents or interested 18 year olds over the phone. If it seems like the teen might qualify for the study, he or she will come to the Duke Child and Family Study Center for further assessment.

All therapy sessions through the study will be provided free, and both teenagers and parents will earn compensation for assessment visits.   

Protocol number: 00053448